Monday, 30 June 2014

Bye Byron Bay...

My time in Byron has sadly come to an end.  Never in my life did I expect to find myself so at home amongst the fire twirlers, tie-dye and dreadlocks. This place has spun, tied and woven me into a new and better version of myself. Or perhaps it has just given me the setting to allow what was inside to finally come out and prosper. Being surrounded by such open-minded people gives you the space to readdress your views on the world and actually put your revelations into practice, not only without judgment, but with encouragement. I’ve made the difficult transition from being vegetarian to vegan. I’m actively exploring spirituality, reading Vedic literatures, meditating and doing yoga. I’ve given myself the freedom to be creative, experimenting with music, film, art, photography and writing.

Yes, Byron has been the catalyst for this development, but my underlying passion is the driving force behind all of this. When seeking a fulfilling life, I think the biggest tragedy is to deny yourself of who you truly are.  Travelling across the world to hippie-central is one way to prevent this, but it ‘s not the only way. Confidence is key. More specifically, having the confidence to be bad at something is so valuable and admirable. It is a barrier that must be demolished for any hope of progression or success. This is much easier said than done. It requires a lot more mental strength and conviction than many can muster, which only makes any morsel of success even more of an accomplishment. Whatever it is that you love, be it surfing or knitting, have the confidence to break the mould and make it a reality, no matter who you are or where you’re from. It will only inspire.

I will take this teaching into my next phase of life, ensuring any doubts I have in myself won’t hinder my chances of success in new avenues I wish to explore or in old avenues I wish to evolve from.  All signs in my life have been pointing to Bali, a world of perfect waves, rule-free roads, and temples galore. I am so sad to be saying goodbye to so many wonderful people in Byron, but if Byron has taught me one thing, it’s learning to let go. In such a transient tourist town, where people come and go like the tide, you learn to appreciate those around you for who they are in that moment, truly living in the present. Saying goodbye was something that once filled me with sorrow, but now I can see it as an opportunity to fill my life with new, fascinating people and experiences to enrich my life in ways I never imagined. This is something I so look forward to in Bali, as well as giving myself the opportunity to practice surfing, yoga, writing, and filmmaking in a new setting to consolidate these passions in my character.

Bali, here I come...

Here's a few last snaps of surfing in Byron with some awesome friends and family. Happy memories. 


  1. May I ask you the brand of your wetsuit! It's perfect! X

  2. Thanks! It's 2mm Patagonia wetsuit. It has treated me very well. Top tip - if you're between sizes,definitely get the smaller one because it's made quite big. X