Sunday, 13 April 2014

Surfboard Reincarnation

This time last year, a monster wave ate my board at Tallows Beach, Byron Bay, and spat it out in two. A milestone passed, my first snapped board. Since then it has served many purposes, including foam fillers to friends' dings, last-minute Halloween costumes (don't worry, it's lipstick not real blood), and more recently, a hat stand. 

Surely this deteriorating wedge of foam and fibreglass must be reaching the end of its life by now, I hear you say. Well, forever the advocate of recycling and reusing, I've managed to breath another phase of life through my decaying hat stand with the help of some Posca pens and a bit of creativity. Here's my latest board art, paying respect to our toothy friends. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lexi! Superb drawings and inventive use of your broken surf board. I'm always a big supporter of reincarnation of things, in stead of just throwing them away. Can't wait for new, great posts! Keep up the excellent work!

    - Maja xx