Sunday, 9 March 2014


Surfing is truly something best shared. The ocean never feels as vast and daunting when you have a friend or two to paddle out with. The drop of a steep close out would never be manageable without the distant “yeeeew!!” from your mates crossing their fingers in the line up. The stoke is never as empowering as it is when witnessed by a friend who acts as living proof of your near-barrel.

However, it can be hard to find other female surfers who share the same undying need to surf and who are brave enough to attempt waves that would make any sane person whimper with fear. So, as a girl surfer, you often find yourself surrounded by guys for the vast majority of your day (and I’m certainly not complaining).  But if you’re lucky, you’ll find that one girl surfer who's lifestyle and values seem to reflect everything that identifies you. 

Aida is that surfer for me. She has a passion for the ocean and creativity. She’s a health and fitness guru with the most inspirational outlook on life. She’s so grounded and surfs simply for the love of it with not a hint of pretention. Life is simple. All we talk about is surfing and all we do is surf.

Check out her beautiful photography on Tumbler:

Aida Salehi in Yamba

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