Friday, 28 February 2014

One Sunset Surf

This was my first ever short film. I shot it last winter at our regular break Sunrise Beach, Byron Bay, during sunset. All shot on GoPro Hero 3. It was more of an experimentation session. I've now learned to increase the frames per second if I want to play scenes in slow motion and I also need to lick the lens to prevent water droplets from disrupting shots, mmmmmmmm.... 

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up


  1. Oh, it's such a beautiful short film you've made! I especially liked the element with the repetition of the reversed duck dive.

  2. Thank you! Some ideas for a new short-film are conjuring... think slow motion barrels. Watch this space!

    Happy Surfing
    Lexi x

  3. Wow! Can't wait! Discovered your blog yesterday, and really liking it so far, so I will definitely continue checking in.

    Maja x